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The Storybrooke citizens relentlessly question the Mayor and their beloved Sheriff after they reveal their secret relationship. One of them is adamant on not sharing their private life while the other has no issues in telling her former enemies the pleasures of being with their Saviour in order to scar them for life.

valkubus + season 3

Lea Michele attends the Lacoste Desert Pool Party (April 12, 2014)


"Well, if it protects the Warehouse, I like it already. What is it?"

Ahhh i’m glad you went. They are sooo good live. Este’s bass face is even better in person :P

me too!! this was my second time seeing them live and holy fuck dude they just get better and better. omg she has the BEST bass face ever!!

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no way that’s gutting … take a chair :P

ahaha i did though i got lazy and never took it out of the car. i fucking sucked it up.